Top 10 Free Magento 2 Themes For 2017

The one fourth of all ecommerce sites are running on Magento. This fact makes us think of Magento as the best platform for any online commercial activity.  But if to take a list of Magento based stores, most of them have dominant names.

Time moves on, but Magento remains indestructible. We have written and heard much about why it is so popular. And there are the same reasons everywhere. We are not going to enumerate them again and again. We suggest you to accept this state of things as a fact and experience Magento functionality in case you are going to start your online business.

In particular this post will be useful for those who want to dress a store up applying the appropriate Magento theme but still don’t know what theme to decide on. This time we would like to present Top 10 Free Magento 2 Themes for 2017. Their excellence is emphasized by the fact they are free. Let’s check their stuffing right now!

  1.       Ves Yume

Having been released in 2015 this free theme continues to collect ‘likes’ of its admirers. Besides it’s free there is other good news. It’s fully responsive and has canvas menu and header link. We think you know what it means! It combines with Boostrap. And we also think you know what opportunities you get in case of such a successful combination. It has updated and super speed AJAX Cart and well-organized image gallery placed to the product details page. And the final thing we want to note here is its 5 checkout schticks. Say ‘yes’ to this theme with free admirable stuffing available for free.


  1.       Ketty Beta

This free Magento theme is a gift for the closing store owners. It is voguish, responsive and cross-compatible. It is enough? No! There are other great features like configurable swatches. Having high hopes for related products exceptionally is incorrect. Color-swatches allow time saving and exclude the necessity of creating individual products for each color, size and fabric combination. AJAX Cart and Product Zoom are also available. And you may guess what functionality is switched on via these options applying. Let’s mark great MegaMenu provided! It’s vital to demonstrate the items purchased in the convenient and spectacular way.


  1.       F2

This is another theme for the stores which sell clothes. This theme allows your store will be equipped with the number of handy options. Let’s look at some of them! The header is enhanced with a full-width carousel image Slider demonstrating the best items in the way they achieve customers’ eyes certainly. The customer like this theme thanks to its user-friendliness. If to compare this theme with well-known Luma, F2 is considered more user-friendly.  Its user-friendliness is discovered in structured menu, good layout. We would like to mention here large typography that customize perfectly to any screen size and make the texts readable. And in general, this Magento 2 theme is completely responsive. And what is more precious that F2 can be

easily adapted to any project. It means it’s unnecessary to trade clothes to be F2 template user.

  1.    Ves Kasitoo

This is another Magento 2 theme produced by Venus. And it may act as a competitor for the previous free theme. It’s perfectly suitable for clothes, shoes, accessories equipment to sell. The universal character is not an exceptional outstanding feature. ‘Responsiveness’. This is the first word that is met at the Internet pages in each Magento theme review. And here this feature is presented at its finest. A bright product carousel allows demonstrating the best items in a cool way.

  1.    FreeGo

This theme differs by its universality too. It is also available for seeing it from various devices. And this feature wouldn’t be so perfect without a responsive off canvas menu. Fortunately,

developers have concerned about this functionality to switch on. FreeGo has a number of backend options for easy navigation around a store to be provided. It comes with amazing touch optimized slideshow that attracts customers. The truth is this theme has everything to provide vendors with the basic theme functionality.

  1.    Absolute

The theme that has gained popularity serving for the Magento 1 users now is available for Magento 2 merchants. Let’s note that Absolute was the best free theme and beard that title for last 4 years. Have the developers managed to keep its well-loved features? We may say ‘yes’. It’s responsive and looks presentable on each device.  The Slick carousel option allows custom sliders to create and wonder customers with an amazing slideshow. The Font Awesome option switches on the beautiful icons to make a store view impressive. So the functionality described is not unique but from its first days (from 2015) this theme has experienced more than 100,000 installations! The figure is dramatic.

  1.       Ves Need

The elegant design is fulfilled in the Ves Need Magento 2 theme. It’s generally agreed that this Magento 2 free theme is the most beautiful one. So it’s perfectly suitable for Bags, Glasses, Clothes Cosmetic and etc. to trade. This theme is built with Bootstrap 3.x. This developer’s solution allows an online store with this theme to be responsive on any kind of devices. The admin panel here is intuitive that makes it simple to use and manage. The vendor with high abandon rate is a sad vendor. The developers of this theme know how to prevent merchants from being sad. Ves Need is strengthened by Fast Checkout Process. And it can supposedly reduce abandon rate.

  1.    Ves Fasony

This Fashion Theme is another product from Venus theme. It also differs by a laconic design. Here users may find Owl Carousel that allows working with drag and drop slider, the list of product, blogpost in the most comfortable way. The new products are organized in product list so that users are able to have a look at new arrivals without any unnecessary staggering throughout a website. Moreover, product images are big enough and come with thumbnails of different colors to attract customers’ attention. We may say that Fasony is created with up-to-date web trends. It ensures customers gain a smooth shopping experience.

  1.       BizKick

It’s the one of the latest Magento 2 themes that is considered perfect for business professionals who are just in the very beginning. It has easily customizable admin settings and can be a good solution for Fashion, Bags, Shoes, Accessories, Digital stores. Among the features described below like responsiveness, touch optimized slideshow, off canvas menu here you meet minimalist design, simple management and absolute availability for free.

  1.   Pixtron

This is also ‘hot’ Magento 2 theme available for free. It also pretends to the title ‘modern’ theme due to its design. The theme doesn’t require any programming skills like codding knowledge to set it up and manage. It is in power of even Magento beginners. The auto installation of demo content, absence of Javascript confliction, no core modifications are the most notable features here.

So, now you know Magento 2 Themes for free. And it’s great that you may experience the opportunities of themes without pay for them. But at the same time their functionality is almost the same and limited in some measures. So don’t wait for something tremendous will happen with your store. This is a duty of the Magento 2 paid themes. But still it’s always reasonable to taste something you are suggested for free. You have always have time to pay for.

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