Shop By Brand In Magento 2 Based Store

Magento Shop by Brand extensions are available to purchase at many Magento providers. And Aheadworks doesn’t keep out and submits their Magento Shop by brand extension to approval. What are the main features that cost to be paid for and estimated?

As a provider states applying Magento 2 Shop By Brand it’s possible to create corresponding brand pages with a brief description and brand logo. The brands here may be configured individually or inserted from the product attribute values automatically. What is the main concept of these brand pages operation? They work as constant category pages with brand description and logo demonstrated at the top of the page.

Today we are talking much about promotion as a vital tool for sales increasing. And in this attitude this extension is able to be used as a tool for boosting. The ‘More from this brand‘ block and a brand widget are declared as promotional instruments in terms of the Magento Shop By Brand extension. The block accumulating bestselling brand products is available to be placed at each page you wish. The brand widget displaying brands’ complete list is available to be placed everywhere at the store.

Why are the Magento Shop by brand extensions  considered as needed? The fact is brands are able to do more than you may imagine. The Brands can sell. The woman comes to your store nor for dress but for Zara, and a teenager wants not just sports shoes but Puma. And all we know the main vendor’s task is to meet client requirements, so to allow them to look at brands not just product is above all.

There is a plan to follow using the above mentioned extension. Firstly it’s advisable to display brands in a prominent way. The brands are triggered with the ‘manufacturer’ tag and the description of brands with logo is created. As a result you have a promptly composed brand list.

The second stage is to make a splash between customers’ strengthening product and catalog pages. What should be carried out? The brand is configured as a featured to grant it top position allowing the brand to attract more attention. Then it’s recommended to add brand logo and its well-structured description to the relevant product pages and display customized widget for the entire store. The final action here is to switch the ‘More from this Brand’ block with the bestselling brand items on, so it is displayed automatically. This option provides a cross-selling. When all the measures described are carried out the clients are able to see the entire brands list and select their favorite ones without any additional steps.

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