Reward Points for Magento 2 SEO

Loyalty programs with reward points are among the most popular shopping drivers used both by Magento and other ecommerce platforms. Despite the long history customers still like them very much and are often surprised if they do not find this type of sales promotions.

In case you still do not use reward points in your Magento store we have some valuable suggestions provided in the form of comparison.

Basic Comparison

Reward Points for Magento 2 by Aheadworks.

Current extension version 1.3.1. Compatible with Magento Community 2.0 – 2.1.7 and Magento Enterprise 2.0 – 2.1.7. Free Installation. 45-day money back period. Free lifetime updates.

Reward Points Magento 2 by Magestore. Current extension version 1.0.2. Compatible with Magento Community and Enterprise 2.0. – 2.1+. Installation $50. 30-day money back period. Free lifetime updates.

Reward Points for Magento 2 by Amasty. Current extension version 1.1.0. Compatible with Magento Community and Enterprise 2.1+. Installation $59. 60-day money back. Free lifetime updates.

Basic Comparison Standings

All the compared extensions have almost the same basic parameters and the only difference is their version numbers. So, let’s see if higher versions denote better functionalities.

Frontend Comparison

The frontend reward point functionality usually covers two areas – product pages and customer accounts.

Customer Accounts

All the above extensions provide detailed information on earned, spent and available points in customer accounts. All the transactions and current point balances are also displayed, and Amasty additionally displays the quantity of earned and spent points. Nevertheless, we better liked the interface provided by Aheadworks, which is clear and free of any excessive information.

For example, Magestore presents reward point terms just here in customer accounts, which is valuable for only new shoppers, while Amasty doesn’t even provide a link to the page with loyalty program terms. It’s also quite inconvenient.

Aheadworks also allows customers to validate the displayed number of earned or spent point amounts immediately entering related orders via the provided active links.

Product Pages

Now, if we enter a product page, we’ll notice that the extension by Magestore notify customers about the number of points they can earn for this particular item; and Aheadworks shows here the number of available points to be spent or reduces the regular price by the amount of currently available points. This way, customers are informed about the final possible price already on product pages.

The extension by Aheadworks also encourage customers to register, share products in social media, and subscribe to newsletters highlighting the number of points available for these activities.

Shopping Carts

As for the extension by Amasty, it displays the number of available points on shopping cart pages only and makes it necessary to calculate the discount according to the provided point rates inviting customers to apply them manually.

The extension by Magestore automatically reduces shopping cart amounts by the number of available points, the same as Aheadworks. The producer also provides the opportunity to use any number of reward points during the purchase, while Aheadworks allows you only to cancel the whole amount of applied points.


Only two of the compared extensions enables you to remove applied reward points during the checkout step, Aheadworks and Magestore. The same as you will not be able to add points during the checkout in the Amasty’s extension. So, the checkout frontend functionality provided by Amasty is poor, while Aheadworks and Magestore offer the same scope of functions they offer on shopping cart pages.

Frontend Functionality Comparison Results

Parameters Aheadworks Magestore Amasty
Customer Accounts
Current balances and transactions + + +
Spent points balances +
Reward policy terms + +
Active links to orders +
Product Page
Reward point balance notifications in top links + +
Reward point balance notifications + +
Reward points applied automatically to regular prices +
Notifications about the number of available reward points for social activities +
Shopping Cart
Reward points applied automatically + +
Reward points cancelation +
Partial use of reward points +
Possibility to add or remove reward points + +
Partial use of reward points +

According to our comparison the poorest frontend experience is provided by Amasty, next goes Magestore, and Aheadworks takes the first place at this stage of the competition. The interface and functionality provided by Aheadworks look the clearest and most advantageous, while Magestore has some exclusive solutions on the frontend.

Backend Overview

As usually let’s start with extension settings. And the first and most significant difference we can notice is that only Aheadworks allows you to launch tire reward points loyalty programs based on lifetime sales. Meanwhile, this type of loyalty rewards is the most popular and required among both retail and wholesale online businesses.

The earning rates provided by Aheadworks may differ depending on purchase history of each particular customer. This makes customers to purchase more in order to reach the new level and allows Magento merchants to thank loyal customers as they deserve.

Spend rates are separated from earn rates by Aheadworks and Magestore. Amasty, meanwhile, offers the same rate for them both. Aheadworks also differentiate them by lifetime sales volumes, so you can offer better rates for great customers.

Except the sales volumes, customers can also earn point for other activities, newsletter subscriptions, social sharing, product reviews, etc. In this case, however, only Aheadworks and Amasty makes it possible in their extensions.

Email notification on balance changes of customer reward points are only sent by Aheadworks and Magestore, but Aheadworks allows sending on the bigger number of occasions.

Aheadworks provides one more unique functionality – reward point refunds. Store owners are able to refund customers with reward points automatically, including cancelling points earned via refunded orders and reimbursement of the points spent on refunded orders, if necessary.

The information about point balances segmented by customers in the backend is available from the Aheadworks and Magestore extensions. Here Magento admins can also add or subtract points from particular customers and track the history of all the transactions. Stil,l Aheadworks offer more informative ‘Customers’ and ‘Transactions’ grids.

Magestore, however, provides an opportunity to import points from CSV files.

Backend Functionality Comparison Results

Parameters Aheadworks Magestore Amasty
Earn point rates + + +
Spend poin rates + + +
Earn point rate settings + +
Spend poin rate settings + +
Earn point rates based on sales volume +
Spend poin rates based on sales volume +
Activities earning points + +
Email notifications advanced standard
Reward point refunds +
Point balances by customers + +
Transaction history + +
Backend point transactions + +
Customers and Transactions grids advanced standard
Reward Points Import +

Totally, on the backend we have the same results, i.e. Aheadworks takes the first place, then goes Magestore, and Amasty.


The frontend and backend comparisons showed that Aheadworks wins in all ‘nominations’ and takes the prize and our recommendations.

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