Must Have Magento Extensions

The Magento 2 static blocks extension provides more convenience and flexibility related to static blocks operation. Firstly let’s mark that the extension offers considerable time advantages and segmentation opportunity allowing block displaying to the specified customer groups and according to the definite timetable. And the second one notable thing is an admin is able to apply conditions to assign a block to a custom selection of pages simultaneously.


To understand the principle of this extension more in details let’s imagine the following situation. You are a vendor and you want to create a seamless feeling of immediacy for your customers reminding them that the order made at 5 p.m. is delivered tomorrow. How to do it in the most suitable way not make your customers annoying?

One way is to roll out the banner with the following message: ‘Wait for the order by 5 p.m. tomorrow!’. But an admin will have to roll out this banner every day at 5 p.m. and wrap it at 10 a.m. The exclusion is Friday and Saturday, just because it’s senseless. But for the premium class products it takes 5-7 days.

It sounds so complicated to implement… But the reality is much more pleased if the Magento 2 static blocks extension by Aheadworks to apply. It allows scheduling Magento Block to appear when you need (in certain days and hours). Moreover, custom conditions are used to eliminate or add all product pages where the banner to be placed. Now it’s unnecessary to select them step by step as native Magento functionality requires.

If to look at the extension functionality in details we will see the following features. The customer differentiation is available here. What is the goal of such a decision of customers’ segmentation to apply? It allows displaying different products to the different customers saving their time and making them happier with the products they need to offer. Let’s repeat one essential moment. You may place blocks anywhere in your store, and custom blocks also can be banded into a grid with an ability to modify grid’s status or event delete all of them at once.

And now when we have assured that this extension is in the ‘must have’ list. Let’s review another effective tool for your own sake. It is referred about the Magento FAQ extension. As a rule the number of clients’ questions related to the products or services is never ending. But the Magento FAQ extension developers have managed to calculate them. Sometimes the questions are actually simple, but the customers would like to hear the answers only on behalf of the merchant.

In this modern changing world of the Internet everyone would like to know more and more wide open. The customers are always able to send mails or call to the vendor but in this case they will have to wait. And in case they do not get the answers, the chances customers leave the store are vitally great. So it’s highly recommended to have the Magento FAQ extension to provide the clients with the prompt and clear answers. Please don’t make your customer wait!

Today we have a great number of Magento developers, and lots of them try to suggest their best practices implemented in their product. And the Magento FAQ extension is not an exception. But still all of them offer almost the same functionality. As usual here you may find the ‘Ask a Question Form’, Comments, Rating and other related features. FAQ block may be placed anywhere in the store like in previous extension reviewed.  Simplicity in installation and management are the features provided in the default mode. And the working concept is more than easy to understand: click the question – give an answer immediately.

Just imagine how the extensions presented are able to prevent your customers from no shopping and your store from abandoned carts. It’s smart and promising offer. But the most pleasant thing that they work in reality as we have described via words.

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