Magento Bundle Extensions

Traditionally grouped and bundle products are two Magento concepts that are considered to be interchangeable. But it’s only for those who have general ideas of Magento. To differentiate these two concepts you need to know the ropes. In this post we are trying to draw the line between bundle and grouped products.

Firstly let’s have a look at their definitions. According to Magento user guide they have the following explanations. A grouped product consists of simple user-independent products that are represented as a group. All the related products can be purchased separately. A bundle product is a customized product. And first of all it’s a product that is purchased as one item with some configurable options.

In a nutshell grouped products always look like a group. We may easily break grouped products into separately items. At the same time bundle product are not impartible and their products are not the products themselves, they are constituent parts of the whole entity. And finally the possibility to divide grouped products is proved by the fact they may be purchased individually. The customization for grouped products has borders while bundle products are flexible customize. If you to decide what types of products representation to choose, we think that bundle products are reasonable. Moreover there are certain Magento plugins for bundle products with no hassles.

The deal of business lifetime is to sell more and more. And who knows what way is the best to reach this main goal? Moreover, there are a lot of different plugins as today we have. But Aheadworks offers its Magento extension bundle products as one of the most evident and effective tool to boost sales. Bundle products don’t just increase revenue but as a rule they are appreciated by the customers more. It’s all about its high individuality degree. The major advantage for vendors is bundle items by this Magento extensions bundle products can be purchased exceptionally in bundles. And don’t you think that it’s good solution related to the products that don’t bask in a popularity. Why not to sell them in this way?

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