Magento and Amazon: Where Is Cross-Point?

Amazon is the largest American online retail enterprise. And there is no wonder that it sets some standards for digital trade. And Amazon allows its users to receive a reliable check-out streaming. After Amazon Login and Pay API were launched in 2013 the members of the Amazon family made much efforts to increase the number of CMS’ they integrateв. And the idea of Magento and Amazon integration was in the wind.

There are some reasons for such a potential integration. The Amazon team was aware of Magento and its extensions successful being. So Amazon developers tried to adapt an admin panel in the way to facilitate it for easy Magento to install and management. It was the start of Magento extension Amazon payment development.

The works started in 2014. During that long period Amazon developers were testing various Magento extensions to clarify what problems can appear and what issues required to be settled. These trials had the aims to remove all possible frictions during installing and setting up processes. But the only main goal was to provide smooth and seamless Magento extension Amazon payment workflow and first of all to allow customers to use Amazon’s Login and Pay system right from Magento checkout page.

All began from creating an integration that enables customers to log in using their Amazon personal data (username and password). After they log in Magento extension, Amazon payment creates Magento account and binds it with Amazon authorization information. Then a checkout page packed with addresses and payment ways kept in customer’s Amazon account. When everything came to the end, there was a beta period to test the Magento extension Amazon payment and later in 2014 Amazon managed to develop and release licensed plugin free to use on GitHub.

Then there were some modifications of the first released Magento extension Amazon payment. It concerned Magento administrator engagement. Now vendors are able to successfully finalize each their step within Magento without applying into the Amazon Payments Seller Central. Magento administrator is able to set up the extension, insert the information related and keys are transferred to Magento as a default. But the development support for the module is still given to make its workflow more perfect and troubles-free.

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