Best selling Magento extensions

Being the most updated and preferable CMS for ecommerce Magento includes several features in both Community and Enterprise. The merchants are able to adjust and manage their catalogs and client’s accounts, store emails, review reports, take control over shipping and payments, carry out various marketing functions. Thanks to these multiple opportunities for merchants, customers gain good shopping experience as all the purchasing processes are smooth and seamless. By the way each business has its unique requirements and to meet all of them the Magento developers are working their socks off to produce more and more Magento extensions. Let’s have a look at the best-selling extensions in Magento.

  1. The Magento Store Locator extension

This extension facilitates the customers to search the stores with necessary products situated near their location. The plugin is responsive and actually convenient for users. Here it’s possible to find out the following rewarding features: multi-stores support, view mode between satellite and map configuring and other good options.

  1. The Magento best seller extension

This extension allows customers to see the store best-selling products at the main page or any other place of the site. The administrators are able to switch on or switch off the products or present completely customized and responsive look.

  1. The Magento Order Tracking extension

This plugin is highly effective for vendors allowing them to manage the orders in a prominent way. This fact is one of the main one affecting the business results. But it also has its undeniable advantages for customers allowing them to see clear data in real-time mode or using mobile devices, desktops that saves their valuable time and keep them in a good mood.

  1. Improved Layered Navigation

This best seller Magento extension provides different filter types for viewing or searching in more advanced way including the definite product categories, price range, brand, color and other major parameters. When there is a good navigation, customers are more inclined to become the constant clients.

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