Best Magento Extensions

Why is Magento so popular in the world of ecommerce? Mostly thanks to its variety of extensions able to transform your store considerably. The plugins that we have in Magento today add some extra options for better store functionality. But it’s time to admit that Magento based store owners have bad extension experience demonstrating in they don’t work out. The reason is they are in conflict with other plugins and configurations already integrated.

So what are the tips for these errors to avoid and come down on the best Magento extensions?

  1. Check if the intended extensions are compatible with Magento version at hand. Please note that if this plugin has not been tested for Magento version applied, the chances this plugin to work in a proper way are slight.
  2. Check the reviews of the extensions you intend to apply. Not just comments but rating should be taken into consideration. It’s always wise to learn from other people’s mistakes. But remember that reviews can be tailor-made by Magento developers, so try to filter and rely on own intuition. The best Magento extensions may be not the best ones despite some sweet feedbacks.
  3. Check other extensions of the developers and their ratings. It’s always pleasure to decide on those who are not fresh in extensions for ecommerce producing. At the same time it’s not an absolute mistake to put on pioneers. No guts, no glory! It’s needed to decide whether it costs of such risk.
  4. Check if there are other extensions required. Try to obtain more extensions produced by the same developer if it’s possible. It’s the easiest way to avoid non-compatibility and functional errors.
  5. Check if there is sufficient support on behalf of the developers. Moreover, what should be considered firstly is money back guarantees. The situation when free extensions depriving from any support and they may cost many dollars further for its proper functionality to provide.
  6. Check the development team composition and the extensions recommended by Magento Connect. Just in case there is better plugin provider that you have already marked as the best Magento extension by yourself. Remember ‘measure thrice and cut once’ rule.

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