Aheadworks Magento Extensions Developer

Aheadworks is a Big Player at the marketplace of the Magento developers. Aheadworks is ambitious company which is keeping its leading position since the days it has appeared. Its great history started in 2001. Today this company has the most complete product collection as compared to other Magento providers.

The team of more than 30 software experts is always ready to offer their deep knowledge, advanced technologies and outstanding work. The applied smart technologies like PHP, Apache, Linux and MySQL allow them to create elaborated extensions able to lead online stores to the highest sales rates no matter these are small or large companies. Aheadworks counts more than 50,000 clients all over the world. And please, be informed that according to Imagine, Aheadworks was recognized the most innovative Magento extensions developer last year. And this year Aheadworks has gained this honored title again.

Aheadworks has developed and released more than 120 extensions for Magento 1 and 2. The products here are differentiated between the following categories: Sales Motivation, Customer Care and Support, Layout, Social Media Integration, Administration, User Experience and others. This distribution is based on the functionality these extensions provide and the goals they are assigned to achieve. As for the ‘Administration’ section here the extensions related to the administrative process are placed. A good example here is the Magento 2 SARP extension. It allows adding subscription functionality to any product on the online store. Managed subscription plans allow a store administrator to suggest the most suitable delivery options, set up subscription start date, trial period and initial payment.

Aheadworks is also engaged in Magento Themes development. The Magento Themes demonstrate a complete compatibility of the Magento themes with all the platform components. Moreover, a smooth updating of the products and their perfect workflow with all extensions are also assured. We can state that being an experienced Magento provider, Aheadworks suggests no-surprise products without any painful  additional costs.

Let’s state once again that Magento is a hands-down winner in ecommerce sector. And its popularity is provided by the Magento extensions. Today there are a lot of Magento providers and choosing the best one is a real challenge. But it’s easy when you know what you really want!

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