6 Tips How To Create A Brand From Scratch



What steps should be taken to provide you with a perfect business name?

When starting to build a brand, check the current market offers. Detect your direct and indirect competitors. Then, contact your audience to find out what brands in your branch they prefer buying and why. Note that your targeted audience can be found in social media.

  1. It’s impossible to make a brand that meets all the requirements at the very start. Moreover, you should understand what product you, the audience you are going to sell to, and the reason why you started all this. And the last one is your winning feature. Knowing your product value, you may boost your store as a treatment for all the problems your products are able to arrange.
  2. Do you remember the association game? Play this game with your brand. Here, you are free to define yourself what emotions your brand name should cause. It will be perfectly well if you will be able to make up a brand name that is a hundred percent unique. There is one good way. Unit the first letters of the names of the people who are also engaged in your business the way it sounds good.
  3. It’s complicated to develop a right slogan. In case of a brand name, generally, there are no more than two words. But slogan should be longer. How much longer? Let’s check. ‘Impossible Is Nothing’. It’s a world-known Adidas brand slogan. Three words create an image of something Great, Powerful, and Right, thus, producing the best effect ever.
  4. The colors of your brand demonstrate that you are ready to communicate with your customers. And as it was with a logo and a slogan, your colors should differ from brand colors of your competitors. I advise you to apply the results taken from multiple psychological types of research of colors and how they are able to influence mood. The choice of fonts has the same importance. It’s reasonable to apply no more than two fonts: one is for headings and another one is for body text.
  5. When you think about a brand, the first that comes to mind is a logo. How should it look like to make a good impression? You know the truth is logo design is what professionals should do. What is also in trend is square versions of logos. A square logo will look good regardless of the place you put it.

I would like you to realize that these steps are just initial that may be referred as a basis. Then, the most complicated stage starts where you come across some problems that cannot be solved overnight. The major point here is that you are actually not able to control how people perceive your brand.

The good advice is to follow the plan considering not only your personal opinion but what the people say and think about your brand.

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